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March 2011




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Mar. 26th, 2011

LenchBb Photos

After a long absence from the photo scene I had the chance of working with a very talented photographer Lena Sorokina(LenchBb) and the following photos are the result of our photo shoot....

Nov. 30th, 2010


Why do we fall in love only to get hurt in the end?...Some questions will never have answers.
I fell in love,not that it was my intention but it happened.He has the body of a god,the most beautiful blue eyes one has ever seen and to me he is the second perfect man(my dad being first)in my life.
After a series of meaningless relationships one tends not to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel until they meet that one person who "seems" to be different.
Why "seems"?The answer is easy,coz when they hurt you,you go ten steps back and find yourself unable to do anything but think of what should have and could have been.
Suddenly everything has no meaning and all you can think of is ending it all.
Men tend to move on easier than women.We are more emotional than they are and we tend to get emotionally attached than they do.
Now back to my love who is a human impersonation of a greek god.Everything seemed liked paradise till reality struck and I realized that there is trouble in paradise.I got jealous of his ex(I guess no woman would love to be in a situation where the man they love and give up a lot for seems to have fun communicating with their ex.That mistake really cost me.Never show a man your insecurity and I did..
Men don't love women who are naggy,bitchy and insecure.So I guess that was me.Now all I do is spend sleepless nights crying and wishing that things would be the way they were but they will never be.
I lost the trust and whatever respect he had for me,but most importantly I have lost my soul-mate and a man who truly understood me.All of this coz of my jealousy towards his ex(life is truly unfair.they continue communicating and I lose everything).So I guess am meant to continue that vicious cycle of hurting your current love becoz of a past failure?or maybe never love again?
LOVE-four words that bring not only happiness or whatever it is but also bring hate,despair and war!

Nov. 22nd, 2010


В жизни мужчини женщина всегда пытается привлечь его внимание, например, женщин в его жизни(его мать, сестры, любовника / жена, друзья).Каждая из них нуждается его внимания.
Может быть, это необходимости для внимания в связи с тем, что связь между отцом и дочерью сильно и всегда будет влиять на ее выбор признает ли она это или нет.
Мужчин, которые ходят в и из ее жизни выбраны на основе этого принципа.Но безусловно, это не объясняет, наша неспособность принимать решения.Прчему мы склонны делать поспешных решений основном, не думая о последствиях и чьи чувства пострадает в конце.Решения которые только довестят ненависть, потери и сожаления в конце.